we are committed to a trust in business but certainly not easy to build and maintain trust.

so we try to build trust with you and certainly keep trust to our customers.

with a more flexible payment as well as secure is pay pal.

Pay pal already use more than 150 million active accounts today, pay pal is also connected to the American express card, visa card,discover card,debit card and of course with conventional bank in america.

Don't fear Payment with pay pal because it has been proven safe in use worldwide. other that your payment on this website will be diverted directly to pay pal security is very strong.

make this website as a billboard and forget temporarily when you make a payment. all the data owner in the hands of pay pal. when you have problems with what you pay then pay pal will help you to solve it.

The way is very easy once you negotiate via email or phone we will send invoice, then make payment by click "PAY NOW" button on the website or LINK that we send by email.


If you not have paypal account you can click bellow
And fill amount of invoice


finished already and what you buy will soon be sent because the confirmation occurred only a few minutes.

For those who are not familiar or hesitate to use pay pal or credit card we also accept payment by bank transfer. it's just that the confirmation takes longer on appeal using a credit card or pay pal.

whatever your choice is, we believe that you are doing business to make profit faster and more secure that is our consent to.